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In order to enforce this vision our finely designed sails are thoroughly inspected by our specialized members before they enter production, to meet the requirements of their final use on the boats they are going to be fitted on.

The strict selection process combines the day-to-day, life-long expertise of our members with consistent development to deliver the best possible product in terms of performance, durability and reliability.


Malta Sail Factory is a company born from a group of highly experienced professionals from different branches of nautical services.

Its goal is to produce a technologically advanced product that fully meets the specific needs of shipowners and their management crews.


Captains, shipowners, vessel management companies and racers all rank among MSF partners with a common view: always being a step ahead of the market.


Above all, our company commits to using the finest materials, selected and certified by the world's leading producers and accepting no compromise in quality.


Our network of service points around the Mediterranean is consistently expanding and aims to offer the best post-sales support and custom on-board assistance from our skilled staff.


Our logistics and operation teams are ready to meet the needs of shipowners and their crews in order to deliver incisive and effective technical support.

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